PERSONAL INJURY (Accident Recovery)

Have you suffered an injury?
You could become victimized twice; once from the incident itself and secondly, from the awful treatment you will likely suffer at the hands of most insurance companies. Your claim will be assigned to a very skilled and experienced insurance adjuster whose job is to protect the person who injured you and pay you as little as possible. Their priority is to adjust your compensation downwards, and while they have processed hundreds of claims, it is likely you have not.
Tips for a Successful Claim
  • Collect as much information about the incident as possible; names, addresses, witness information, license numbers, insurance company info, location, police reports, etc. Keep the evidence – any physical items you think will enhance the prosecution of your case, e.g. photographs, signed statements, etc.
  • Do not give any statements to any insurance company before talking to your attorney.
  • Seek medical assistance from your doctor or hospital emergency room immediately.
  • Call our office at any time 24/7.
About Us
For two decades now, the Law Office of Koko Offiong has been rated in the nation’s top tier of auto accident and personal injury firms, by peers and independent legal organizations.
It is our responsibility to “go the extra mile” for our clients. We will strive to attain the very best settlement, even when the odds are against you. We battle for you, and make your experience stress free. We pride ourselves on giving every client the time and attention that is necessary to get the full compensation for their injuries.
Unlike many law firms, we pride ourselves on regular and continuous contact between the office and the client throughout their case. You always know what is happening with your case. We will help you with your medical bills, vehicle repair or replacement, and rental car immediately. You pay nothing for these services until the case is completed and you have been compensated.
Our experts are the most qualified. Every case is different and every case requires certain experts, so we determine the right ones and immediately retain them for you.
Free Consultations Always:
We will see you in our office, at your home, your office or hospital, whenever you are available. The moments after an accident or injury could be very challenging. Your car may be destroyed, your injury may have left you disabled; this requires us to be more accommodating and we take this seriously.
No Fees unless we win.
Our fees are only subject to our performance. We only get paid fees if we get compensation for your injuries. Plainly, No recovery, No fees…So call us now…