After my bankruptcy consultation in the Riverside office, I was confident that I was in the right place. The meeting was professional, yet there was empathy; at the end, my huge debtload was wiped out with very little stress!



West Covina, CA.



I needed a lawyer after having a terrible accident, and after hiring one major law firm (heavy advertisers)for nearly 18 months, I was offered a small amount for my pain and suffering. I presented the case to Mr. Koko Offiong's office and 3 months later, I received a settlement that was 4 times what I expected. 



Moreno Valley, CA




With 2 days to go before my family home of 18 years was about to be sold in a foreclosure, I hired Mr. Offiong to assist me. Not only did he stop the foreclosure, he helped me get rid of a large second trust deed that made me and my family breathe a sigh of relief.  I now have equity in my home because values have gone up a little bit. It would have taken 10 years or more otherwise.


I have nothing but immense praise for the job his office did, and I will recommend them to any family or friend. 


John and Mary

Riverside, CA